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Cathryn posted a before and after photo of her figure on Instagram. The influencer showed the difference between her body from 2016 and 2021. She added that she had lost 8kg over the 5 years. In the caption, she wrote, “Success in weight loss is not the ultimate goal, but to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle, so that it will not rebound repeatedly.” The influencer was clearly happy with her achievement.

In her Instagram story, she added a detailed explanation of her current lifestyle. According to her, her fat percentage at 44kg is now 18%, which is presumably a healthy level. She stated that she had not visited the gym for 40 days now, citing the lockdown as a reason, however, she has been doing cardio at home. She added that she’s been using the calorie deficit method alongside her diet.

Surprisingly, many fans have stated she looked better in 2016. “(Your figure) looked good before it was reduced,” one comment said. “Prefer 2016,” another shared. Although the agreement that her 2016 body looked better was unanimous, there were some comments that said she looked good in both photos. One comment even asked for her height, stating it would be “a good reference for all the girls out here“.

It is admirable of Cathryn Li to aim for having a healthy lifestyle and her courage to share her journey on Instagram should certainly be applauded. The responses may not have been ones anyone expected, but hopefully, she’s still proud of her own achievement.

Let’s Talk More About Her – Cathryn Li

Cathryn Li (李元玲) is known for several things. Her piano skills and her good looks. None of these things came easy, she’s worked hard for all of them.

It’s no secret that the Malaysian influencer works hard to keep her body in shape. Her Instagram is full of gym and workout photos amidst her posing pretty for the camera. However, recently netizens questioned if Cathryn’s photos are for real!

At the date of 25th November, Cathryn shared that she’s been receiving scathing comments from people about her photos. “Many (resentful) people think that my (pretty girl) photo is too (much). In fact, they just don’t want to believe that this is the real me,” the influencer said.

Cathryn made it clear that what you see is what you get. “Relying on hard work to train yourself into a role that wants (to be pretty), there is satisfaction,” she wrote. The influencer also included her photos and a video of her latest workout. In them, she shows off her abs, muscles and lithe body.

If that wasn’t enough to show up her naysayers, Cathryn’s parting words surely left a sting. “Sour people can continue to be sour,” she said, “Because they have never worked hard for themselves and can only rely on (being resentful) of others to elevate themselves.

That is one brutal callout from the influencer. However, most fans are used to it by now as Cathryn faces a lot of criticism from netizens and media alike. For instance, she once called out a publication for sexualising her ballet outfit.

Cathryn certainly knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to work hard for it. Her dedication to keeping her body fit is surely an inspiration to her followers.

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